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Go outside: You can now get the Steam achievement for not playing a game for five years

The Stanley Parable was one of the most unique and interesting games that launched in 2013. It's actually less of a game and more of a thought-provoking rendition of an existential crisis. While it has received "very positive" reviews on Steam so far due to its genre-defining nature, it is also well-known for its extremely difficult achievements. Its most elusive achievement - "Go outside" - can be bagged for not playing The Stanley Parable for five years, and it is now officially possible to get.

The announcement was made by The Stanley Parable's creator Davey Wreden on Twitter:

Interestingly, even before the achievement was legitimately possible to claim, almost 7.4% of all players had already accomplished it, likely after messing around with their system clock's time.

That said, even though the elusive achievement is officially available to claim now, it is only available immediately for those who bought and played The Stanley Parable on launch day and haven't played it since. Others - such as yours truly, who last played the game over a year ago - will still have to wait quite some time before they can legitimately lay claim to the achievement. For such players, it is perhaps easier to earn the "Commitment" achievement, which requires them to play the game continuously for 24 hours on a Tuesday.

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