Goat Simulator...coming to the Xbox One

If you are bored of first person shooters, racing games and the like, Microsoft has a new title coming to the Xbox platform and it's in the form of a goat. That's right, Goat Simulator is coming to the Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program.

If you have never heard of Goat Simulator, it is a real game - you take on the role of a goat and cause trouble all around the town. The game, as ridiculous as it sounds, is quite fun and if you watch the video above, you can get a sense of the adventures you can have, as a goat. The video is of the PC version of the game but it is expected that the PC version should match that of the Xbox One.

At Microsoft's Gamescom event in Germany today, they dedicated quite a bit of time to independent developers to show that not only big name studios can make games for the platform. Goat Simulator was one of many titles that was shown off that is coming to the Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program.

Microsoft did not announce a release date for the game but simply said that it was coming soon.

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