GoDaddy gains domains despite boycott

Despite the coordinated boycott of GoDaddy over its former support of SOPA, the domain registrar company actually made net gains for new domains on the actual day of the planned boycott, TechDirt reports.

According to, a website that tracks statistics of DNS changes for domain names, GoDaddy saw a net gain of 20,748 domain names on Thursday. ( is GoDaddy's name server.) The company had almost double the number of transfers in compared to transfers out, with 27,843 domains coming in compared to 14,492 leaving on that day. There were 43,304 new registrations compared to 35,907 domain deletions as well.

This might come as disappointing news to some invested in the planned boycott, which gained steam on social sharing site Reddit and was supported by various competing registrar companies. Despite the initial surge in exiting registrations, the company may be simply too large to be negatively affected even by a coordinated effort. Or maybe many of the zealous boycotters transferred out of GoDaddy over the past week instead of waiting for the planned boycott date of Thursday the 29th. Or perhaps GoDaddy's withdrawal of support for SOPA, followed by a complete reversal of its original support for the unpopular bill actually did allay the concerns of many of its customers.

In any case, GoDaddy seems to have received the message, even if they might not have been affected as much financially as some had hoped.

Image Credit: TechDirt

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