Google celebrates Doctor Who's 50th anniversary with new doodle/mini-game

Fifty years ago today, a BBC sci-fi series debuted called Doctor Who, about an alien hero who refers to himself as "The Doctor", who can travel in time and space. The series became a huge hit in the U.K., and gathered a loyal cult following in the U.S. and other countries. Today the show celebrates its 50th anniversary with a special episode that's going to be shown at the same time around the world.

To honor this achievement, Google has whipped up an especially cool interactive doodle on its front page today that joins the many Doctor Who celebrations around the world. The doodle is a mini-game where you pick from one of the Doctor's 11 different incarnations and collect all six of the letters in the Google logo from different planets.

Of course it's not that simple. In the game, The Doctor has to also deal with moving platforms and, of course, versions of the Daleks, the mutant aliens that are inside pepper-pot machines. They first appeared in Doctor Who's second storyline and have continued to menace The Doctor, and every other living creature, ever since.

The current incarnation of The Doctor is played by actor Matt Smith, who teams up with 10th Doctor David Tennant, for the 75 minute 50th anniversary episode that will be shown on BBC 1, and on BBC America, at 2:50 pm Eastern time. Recently, the BBC released several episodes of Doctor Who from the 1960s on iTunes that were previously lost until someone found copies of those shows in a television relay station in Nigeria.

Source: Google | Image via Google

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