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Google CEO to confer with lawmakers regarding plans for China and bias against conservatives

Image credit: Nguyen Hung Vu

CEO Sundar Pichai is set to testify at a public hearing later this year. Before that, though, he will also meet with a group of Republican lawmakers to allay their concerns about certain issues.

Google has been in the political spotlight in recent months after none other than President Trump himself accused the internet giant of biasing search results against not only him but also conservatives in general.

The other political hot potato Google is currently juggling is the issue of its plans for re-entering the Chinese market with a censored version of its search engine, a move that has already caused controversy among human rights and privacy advocates.

Much has also been said of Google's apparent double standards in refusing to work with the Pentagon over its drone program following employee backlash, in contrast to its readiness to work with the Chinese government. This will likely also be among the issues foremost on the lawmakers' minds.

Source: The Wall Street Journal via Business Insider

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