Google foreshadows its solutions for Pixel 2 XL display woes

Many fans of the Pixel line patiently waited until October 4, when Google announced the successors to the line from last year. While the initial excitement was quite high, things started to deteriorate once reviewers started getting their hands on the Pixel 2 XL.

If you haven't heard, the handset suffers a number of issues that include but are not limited to a strange blue tint when tilted, unsatisfying color reproduction, and more. While those problems on their own can already be pretty inexcusable on a handset that starts at $849, things got a little worse when reports of screen burn-in started surfacing after only a few days use. It would appear that the burn-in issue would be the last straw, as Google would finally chime in, reassuring the public that it would investigate the issue. Now, it has shared solutions for two issues.

A post on the Pixel forums by Mario Queiroz, the VP of Product Management for Google Hardware, addresses the Pixel 2 XL's issue with color saturation and also the burn-in problem. The post states what the firm has emphasized before, that it is trying to go for a more natural look with its display and that because of this, some have reported colors that aren't accurate. While the Pixel 2 XL already has a mode to boost the colors by 10%, it looks like a new mode is coming that will add the ability to introduce more saturation into the display. This update will arrive in the next few weeks for both Pixel 2 handsets.

Now, regarding the issue of the screen burn-in, Google states that it has an extensive quality assurance process and that the displays used in the Pixel 2 XL are up to par with comparable products. While there is software to extend the life of the display currently on the device, Google will be issuing an update that will optimize it even further. But, to help instill a sense of comfort with owners, the Pixel 2 XL, along with the Pixel 2, will now come with a two-year global warranty.

With all of this said, this has no doubt affected the public image of both handsets but is it enough to put people off from purchasing it?

Source: Google via The Verge | Image via Alex Dobie

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