Google hiring Chromebook specialists for retail sales

Is Google trying to emulate Apple's "Genius" specialists to help sell notebooks based on Google's Chrome OS? It certainly sounds that way. The company has confirmed that it has hired people that it calls "Chrome Specialists" that are tasked to sell the notebook in retail stores.

Business Insider reports that these salespeople will be put in place in 100 Best Buy stores in the US that will be selling the Chromebooks. Google's statement says that these people will work in special "Chrome Zones" inside the selected Best Buy stores. There's no word on how many "Chrome Specialists" have been hired.

Google launched its Chrome OS in 2011 alongside the first Chromebook notebooks from companies such as Samsung. However, the hardware has yet to make a big sales impact in the PC laptop industry, mainly because the first Chromebooks required an Internet connection to run many of its applications.

In May, Google announced a new version of its Chrome OS, along with new hardware products. It also offers to add more offline features to Chrome soon. It will be interesting to see if Google's bigger push towards retail sales of Chromebooks via Best Buy stores will work

Source: Business Insider | Image via Google

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