Google is making its Image Search results smarter, but only for mobile

Google is making its image search just a tad bit smarter. Starting from today, images in search results will have a badge on the bottom-left corner, signifying the type of information that may be discovered if you click on them.

In Google’s example – seen in the GIF – we can see the red velvet cupcakes have the recipe badge, and sure enough, tapping on it reveals more information about its recipe.

Recipes aren’t the only things these badges will highlight; there are several other badges highlighting products to buy, videos to watch, and GIFs to share, among other things.

The idea is to make it easier to find more details about an image, without clicking the ‘visit page’ button, albeit at the cost of reducing traffic to that particular website. Though, further details about an image will still require you to follow up on it as usual.

Unfortunately, these badges won’t be available on Google’s desktop image search just yet; for now, the company is only rolling the feature out to the mobile image search, and the Google app for Android. It’s not clear when we may see the feature pop up in search results on other platforms.

Source: Google

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