Google is swapping Nexus 6P for Pixel XL devices as warranty replacements

The Nexus 6P was launched by Google two years ago to much fanfare, with the VP of Engineering, Hiroshi Lockheimer, explaining that the 'P' stood for premium, and that the device was designed as a premium smartphone.

Subsequently, it appears the device has not aged gracefully as various reports have popped up online regarding numerous issues ranging from device boot loops that received an unofficial fix, to battery problems, both of which resulted in a class-action lawsuit against Google.

There have since been various reports of owners sending in their faulty devices for repair or warranty replacements and receiving Pixel XL devices instead. The report by Android Police notes that while owners in US and Canada have a higher likelihood of their devices being replaced with Pixel smartphones, some in the UK still receive refurbished Nexus 6P devices and it seems that everyone in Australia is receiving a 6P as a warranty replacement.

Moreover, the exact nature of the upgrade seems to vary also, with some owners being offered 32GB Pixel XL smartphones and others being offered the 128GB variant. What seems most common about this is that those with 64GB Nexus 6P devices are more likely to be offered the higher storage variant.

Regardless, it is worth noting that Google is still doing this for 6P owners after the lapse of the device's original one year warranty and that it applies only to devices purchased from the Google Store.

If you have a faulty 6P device and would like to replace it, just get in touch through the Nexus support website or your phone's support menu. A replacement device will be sent out as an "advance exchange", and a pre-authorized charge will be placed on your credit card in the amount of the replacement phone, pending receipt of the old, defective unit. Ensure you send the device to Google to avoid being charged the amount for the replacement device.

Have you received a Pixel smartphone as a replacement for a faulty 6P? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Android Police

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