Google launches Android January security updates; LG, Samsung, others follow suit

After initially announcing a number of vulnerabilities and patches as part of a security update at the very start of the month, now Google has started pushing its latest Android security updates to supported devices. The wave of updates contains previous fixes as well as patches for a large number of other vulnerabilities. Luckily none of them seem to be currently exploited in the wild.

Yesterday evening, Google started pushing out its complete set of security updates for the month of January, patching dozens of security vulnerabilities found in supported versions of Android. Pixel and supported Nexus devices are already getting the update through a series of firmware patches, including those upgrading to Android 7.1.1.

The security patches have also been made available as part of the Android Open Source Project so that third party manufacturers can publish their own system updates. And speaking of third parties, we’re happy to note that some have been very much on the ball with the January security releases.

For example, Blackberry, Samsung and LG have already released their own patches, complete with custom patches for their own software. Users on those devices, especially flagship models, should check for updates right now. Hopefully other manufacturers follow suit.

Source: Google, Samsung, LG

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