Google's Chrome OS slips to 2011 "consumer launch"

Google originally said that its Chrome OS would debut for free in Autumn. Reports now suggest that the OS will not arrive until 2011.

Google originally announced the operating system back in July, eventually making a beta available for testing, and will release it free for all users. The new OS is designed to compete directly with Microsoft's Windows software. Google is ditching Windows machines for Mac and Linux based operating systems. The company has allowed employees to purchase new machines running Mac or Linux without approval, but requires authority from CIO's for new Windows-based machines.

Engadget reports that Acer's Jim Wong confirmed that the company would not be launching a Chrome OS netbook until 2011. Wong said this would be in parallel with the "consumer launch" of the OS next year. The comments come after a report earlier this month by Digitimes that claimed Google was on target to push its new OS to the masses. At least one device was expected by the end of November. It was originally believed that both Acer and HP would launch Chrome OS smartbooks in December but it appears this is no longer the case.

Google's operating system will be based on the browser, Google Chrome, and will work with web-based applications. Google's cloud offerings will be the main focus of the new OS.

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