Gordon Moore Predicts 15 More Years for his Law

Moore's Law, one of the most widely known laws in the computing world, may not have much longer to live. According to Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel and best known for his theory predicting that transistor sizes would decrease by 50% every 18 to 24 months, fundamental physical limits will prevent engineers from further chip shrinkages within the next 15 years. He announced this prediction at the Intel Developer Forum.

"In another decade, decade and half or something, we will hit something that is fundamental," Moore said when asked if there would be an end to his 'law'. But he also pointed out that there always have been fundamental barriers that prevented chip technologies from further advancing. "There really are some fundamental limits. It's been amazing to me how the technologies have been able to keep pushing those out ahead of us. As long as I can remember, the fundamental limits are two, three generations out. So far we have been able to get around them."

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