GPU-Accelerated flash player in the works

NVIDIA has been teasing the tech world with demonstrations of a gpu-accelerated flash player for a little while now, and has kept any media coverage at bay in preparation for a public announcement by the company on October 5.

However, NVIDIA's media request has fallen of deaf ears with German technology site They released footage on YouTube of NVIDIA's Igor Stanek demonstrating an internal build of Adobe's Flash Player with GPU acceleration.

Quick to react, the YouTube footage has since been taken offline, but not before thousands of viewers got to take a look. The video compared a flash trailer of the film Star Trek at 720p resolution with two systems: an Atom notebook with integrated Intel graphics and an Ion notebook with GeForce 9400M graphics. To put it simply, the results were amazing and felt like a look into the future of GPUs.

Flash acceleration is supported on many of NVIDIA's chips, so nearly all NVIDIA card owners should be able to take advantage. Rumors also suggest that upcoming smartphones and Microsoft's ZuneHD will be even able to take advantage of the technology.

A special thanks to Brian Blasius for contributing to this article

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