Grand Theft Auto V set in fictional Los Angeles?

Grand Theft Auto V could be set in a fictional version of Los Angeles, according to a new rumor posted on Kotaku. The game's developer Rockstar North previously set Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in its own fictional version of LA in a 1990s timeline. There's no word what timeline the new game will be set in nor if it is indeed a return to San Andreas.

The same story also claims that GTA V could have more than one playable character this time. Grand Theft Auto IV let players control up to three characters, although you needed to download the game's two expansion packs in order to access all three.

In any case, the anticipation for GTA V is clearly building since Rockstar first announced the game by surprise earlier this morning. Gamers can't wait to learn more about the latest entry in the long running and highly successful open world crime action game series. While the Call of Duty franchise has superseded the GTA games in terms of sales in the last few years, that's only because Rockstar hasn't released a new full version of the GTA series since April 2008.

If the game is set in a new fictional version of LA, it's also possible that it will have a lot of Hollywood voice actors handling various character roles. Well known actors were a part of the GTA series since Grand Theft Auto III was released, but Rockstar decided to dial down the well known voice thespians for Grand Theft Auto IV. We will certainly learn more when the promised first trailer for the game is released on November 2.

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