Ground Branch Kickstarter campaign launched

We see a lot of Kickstarter campaigns start up but this one caught our eye as being something a little different. Developer BlackFoot Studios recently launched their campaign to fund Ground Branch, an upcoming modern military first person shooter.

One of the reasons it is different is that BlackFoot was founded by John Sonedecker, who was one of the original team members at Red Storm, which started both the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon franchises. He is joined by other former Red Storm teammates, along with former Valve employees as well as what the page calls "United States Special Operations Veterans."

The page states:

In Ground Branch, players will take on the role of CIA Paramilitary Operators of the Special Activities Division. The Special Activities Division carries out deniable covert operations on foreign soil and often goes into a situation before anyone else, before Army Special Forces, before the SEALs.

The development team is promising that Ground Branch will have weapons that work realisticly, rather than balanced just for a game. It will also have maps that will have randomly generated objectives and spawns for replay value.

The game has been in development since 2007 but the team has been unable to get any publisher interest in Ground Branch. The Kickstarter campaign is seeking $425,000. With 18 days to go, it has raised over $52,000. People who pledge $15 or more will get a digital copy of the game when it is released in 2013 for the PC and Mac.

Source: Ground Branch Kickstarter website

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