GTFO is a co-op survival horror shooter game coming in 2018

It looks like co-operative shooters are coming back strong next year with World War Z and now GTFO. Sure, the title of the game sounds forgettable but it is by the designer behind the Payday series, and actually looks quite good.

The game is described as "a terrifying 4 player co-op game" and will require players to work as a team to extract precious artifacts from underground caverns. While this seems like an easy task, the areas are infested with monsters and even the smallest mistake can set them off and have them hurling your way.

Those are the details that have been revealed so far but if the trailer is any indication, this should be one of those games that you watch out for come 2018. If you want to become an ambassador for the title, you can head to the 10 Chambers website for more details.

Source: 10 Chambers Collective via Polygon

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