A new trailer gives us another look at the world of Metro Exodus

It was during E3 2017 that we got our first look at Metro Exodus. The game is being helmed by developer 4A Games, who previously worked on other Metro titles. Like prior entries, Exodus is based in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and requires the protagonist of the game to navigate the rough terrains. During the journey, there are plenty of dangers that become apparent.

While there were some vicious beasts in the original trailer, the latest one shows off some of the more gruesome baddies and also a new setting. The original trailer showed off a warmer climate and also featured some enclosed areas, the new one shows off a chilly winter environment and a sprawling abandoned city. Despite the difference, if there is one thing that is for certain, the world of Metro Exodus is a dangerous place.

There still isn't a specific date as to when this title will arrive, but it is slated for fall 2018. The game is set to arrive on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Polygon | Video via GameSpot (YouTube)

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