Hello Games bring multiplayer to No Man's Sky a year after launch

The No Man's Sky 1.3 Atlas Rises update is now available, and just as the leak revealed earlier today, it arrives with multiplayer functionality along with a substantial amount of new content.

Although not exactly similar to what Hello Games promised before the game's launch, the new multiplayer functionality will allow up to 16 players to "explore the universe together". The caveat is that players are represented as floating orbs, without much interaction opportunities. However, the developer says that this is an "important first step into the world of synchronous co-op in No Man’s Sky", meaning the feature could be further expanded upon later.

30 hours of new story content is also a part of the update, even bringing a brand new interdimensional alien race into the mix as well as a mission system. Other additions include new varieties of planet biomes of exotic nature, massive crashed freighters for scavenging, an updated UI, along with high-resolution textures for various environments for that much-needed eye candy when exploring the universe.

Beyond that, players that have wanted to shape planets to their heart's desires will now get the ability to do so with the new terrain editing tools. The tool comes equipped with various materials and shapes to choose from, handing plenty of control over to players whenever they want to create a masterpiece.

There is a good deal of other additions as well, including new ships, low flight capability, some quality of life changes that players have been requesting since release, and more. The massive update's full list of changes and features are available to read on the official No Man's Sky website.

The No Man's Sky Atlas Rises update is now rolling out to PlayStation 4 players, with PC players getting it hopefully soon. Even with the negativity that followed the game since its release last year, it's endearing to see Hello Games still pumping out massive updates such as this, and hopefully, the game will live up to what the developer envisioned in the first place.

Source: No Man's Sky

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