Home Server: The best kept secret ...

Windows Home Server was a secret for a long time. We had over 1,000 internal testers at Microsoft prior to announcing the product at CES 2007, some of these people used the product for over a year without leaking anything about it. I remember the early days when employees asked us - "What do I tell my family? How do I explain this to them without divulging Microsoft confidential information?"

Today and tomorrow, the Windows Home Server team has a booth at the internal Microsoft company fair. Like our booth at CES, we are busy. The benefits are easy to understand, the simplicity is refreshing and the interest in un-ending. It is amazing how many people within Microsoft know so little about Windows Home Server. Yet, once they understand the product, its value, and see a demo, they are sold with the obvious next set of questions .... how much will it cost and when is it available?

The product is winding its way through the manufacturing process and will soon hit the store shelves. It is a better product due to the 1,000 Microsoft employees that gave us feedback for over a year prior to our public unveiling. And it is even better due to the feedback from the 100,000+ beta testers!!

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