How to watch the 2023 Super Bowl game, including in 4K (sort of)

The logo for the NFL Super Bowl 57 game

On Sunday, February 12, the biggest live TV event of the year will take place. Super Bowl 57 will see the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Philadelphia Eagles in State Farm Arena in Glendale, Arizona. While a lucky few will be in the stadium to watch the biggest pro football game of the season, most of us will be watching on TV.

Whether you are watching the game itself, or watching for the commercials, or watching for the half-time show featuring Rihanna, or just putting the game on your big screen TV in the background, you will want to know how to watch Super Bowl 57. We give you the info on that, including how to watch the game in 4K.

Can I watch Super Bowl 57 in 4K?

Yes, you can . . . sort of (More on that later). Fox is handling the broadcast of the game this year, and for the first time since 2020, it will offer a 4K stream to select media outlets.

  • FuboTV - If you sign up for this service's $85-a-month subscription tier, you can watch the game in 4K. The good news? The service has a 7 day free trial, so you can sign up now, watch the game, and then quit before the trial ends.
  • YouTubeTV - Google's TV service also has Fox so you can watch the game, but you will have to sign up for the 4K add-on, which costs $20 more in addition to the standard $64.99 a month fee. However, YouTubeTV does have a generous two week free trial.

Other internet based TV services like Hulu Plus Live TV, Sling TV, and DirecTV Stream, will show the game, but in regular HD.

Some cable and satellite TV providers, including Comcast Xfinity, Cox, DirectTV, Dish, Verizon and Altice Optium, will also show the game in 4K on Fox. TV Answer Man also confirms that Comcast Xfinity subscribers will show Super Bowl 57 in Dolby Vision 4K for a better picture compared to normal 4K. Of course, your TV must support Dolby Vision and you have to have one of the cable operator's Xfinity X1 set-top boxes hooked up.

In addition, if you have a paid plan on another cable TV service, including Charter Spectrum, you will be able to download the Fox Sports or Fox Now apps on your TV and watch the game in 4K with your cable account information. Obviously, you will need a 4K smart TV, or a 4K TV with a 4K streaming device, to watch the Super Bowl in that resolution.

Can I watch the game in 4K on an antenna?

Unfortunately, no. While you can hook up an antenna to your TV and watch the game on your local Fox station on Sunday, TV Answer Man confirmed it will only be in HD as Fox has yet to launch a 4K signal.

Is the game going to be shown in native 4K?

While the game will be streamed in 4K, TV Answer Man confirms it will actually be upscaled from a 1080p broadcast. Having said that, the 4K stream should look better than the normal HD video, as the 4K stream will also support HDR, which should offer improved picture and contrast.

When does Super Bowl 57 begin?

Officially, the kickoff for the game starts at 6:30 pm Eastern time (3:30 pm Pacific time). Obviously, there will be pre-game events on Fox hours before kickoff.

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