HTC and Apple's patent battle could help Windows Phone 7

The patent battle between Android-based mobile phone maker HTC and iPhone maker Apple is getting heated. Last week, HTC was on the losing end with the U.S. International Trade Commission judging that HTC had violated two of Apple's patents. That decision caused a massive drop in HTC's stock price. Apple's victory against HTC could also affect other smartphone makers who use the Android operating system.

If that indeed happens, that may open the door for Microsoft to gain more traction with its Windows Phone 7 operating system. Digitimes reports that some of the Android-based smartphone makers "worry about the risk of becoming embroiled in patent infringement due to adoption of Android."  The report claims that some China-based phone companies are considering several options including developing their own in-house operating systems for their phones.

But yet another option for these companies, according to the report, is that they may decide to more on "enhancement of support to Microsoft Mango operating system." The story adds that two OEMs, Huawei Device and ZTE, have already got plans to make Windows Phone 7 based devices. If true the dispute between HTC and Apple could be a huge benefit for Microsoft as it attempts to get more phone companies to make more phones based on its operating system. As we have reportedly previously, Nokia is making a huge bet on Windows Phone 7 as it attempts to dump its own Sybian operating system in favor of Windows Phone 7. The first Nokia WP7 devices are expected to be released later this fall.

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