HTC shows off 8X wide angle lens

HTC announced the Windows Phone 8X and 8S smartphones earlier in September. While both Windows Phone 8-based devices won't be coming out for a few more weeks, the company is still talking about the products and their features.

In a recent post on the official HTC blog, product planner Anthony Rutter gives some specific information about the front facing camera that HTC is putting into Windows Phone 8X. Most front facing camera hardware in smartphones tend to take lower quality photos compared to their rear facing camera. Rutter states:

With the 8X, we’ve introduced a 2.1 MP front-facing camera with an F/2.0 lens; basically, the camera lens lets more light in, making it easier to take crisper pictures.  But my favorite feature with the front-facing camera is the super wide angle lens. You won’t find another phone with a camera like this on the market.

The blog has an example image that's taken from the super wide angle lens. Apparently, the three people in the image love Dave Letterman a lot.

Rutter also talks about what he likes about Windows Phone 8 itself, including the new multiple sizes for Live Tiles. The Windows Phone 8X from HTC should launch sometime in early November.

Source: HTC blog | Image via HTC

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