HTC working on Desire 10 mid to high-end phone, coming in Q3 this year

A fan-made render based on leaks

HTC launched the critically-acclaimed HTC 10 flagship earlier this year, and now the company is getting ready to follow that up with a more affordable handset, dubbed the Desire 10.

HTC has been struggling for a number of years now, but this year the company finally launched a very desirable product, that went head to head with its rival’s top-end smartphones. The HTC 10 was almost universally acclaimed for its design, specifications and build quality. Unfortunately, the flagship seems to have had trouble connecting with the market, so now HTC is preparing to launch the Desire 10, a more affordable mid to high-end device.

The news is by no means a surprise, seeing as HTC has traditionally launched Desire-branded devices every year, but it’s nonetheless welcome. Unfortunately, the news came from known and reliable leaker Evan Blass, and not from HTC itself, meaning we have very little extra info on the device.

Going by Blass’s source, the HTC Desire 10 will come out sometime in the third quarter of the year, likely in time for the back-to-school campaigns that take shape in the fall. When pressed for extra information, Blass sent out what looks like a tiny rendering of the Desire’s camera lens. While we can’t glean any actual specs out of it, the metallic ring around the lens suggests the Desire 10 might take design cues from HTC’s E9+ handset.

In either case, we’ll likely learn a lot more about HTC’s upcoming Desire 10 as we get closer to the device’s launch window, so we’ll keep an eye out until then.

Source: Evan Blass | Mock-up image via loveHTC_thailad

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