HTC's Zoe Share and Microsoft's Windows 1.0 logo have a lot in common

Over a year ago, Microsoft officially reveled the logo for Windows 8, which was designed to look more like an actual Window than the "flag" that has been used for previous versions of Windows. In fact, the Windows 8 logo looks more like the one the company used for the first version of Windows rather than the ones Microsoft used for future versions.

Now it appears that another company seems to like the same kind of design. HTC officially announced the HTC One smartphone a few days ago, and one of the phone's features allows owners to upload their HTC Zoe video clips and still shots to a website called HTC Zoe Share.

The kicker? The loading image used for the Zoe Share website looks more than a little like the Microsoft Windows 1.0 logo.

The loading logo for Zoe Share is square compared to the rounded edges for the Windows logo, and the Zoe Share image does include animation that shifts the sizes of the shapes around every second, but the resemblance between the loading image and the Windows 1.0 graphic is still pretty striking.

Even the HTC Zoe Share logo seen in the web browser tab looks like the Windows 1.0 logo.

As they say at the end of every movie, we are sure that any resemblance is purely coincidental on HTC's part. However, that hasn't stopped Neowin readers from commenting and comparing the two images in the forums.

Images via Microsoft and HTC

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