Huawei announces 5G Balong 5000 chipset and 5G CPE Pro router

Huawei has announced a new 5G chipset - Balong 5000 - which powers its new 5G CPE Pro router. While the firm has only announced a new router powered by the chip, it can actually be used in all sorts of devices including phones and Vehicle to Everything (V2X) comms.

One of the good things about Balong 5000 is that it supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G on a single chip. This means that mobile phones shipping with the hardware will seamlessly work across different mobile carriers no matter what sort of mobile networks they run. Additionally, Balong 5000 reduces latency and power consumption making it perfect for battery powered devices.

Discussing Balong 5000, and the 5G CPE Pro, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, Richard Yu, said:

“The Balong 5000 will open up a whole new world to consumers. It will enable everything to sense, and will provide the high-speed connections needed for pervasive intelligence. Powered by the Balong 5000, the Huawei 5G CPE Pro enables consumers to access networks more freely and enjoy an incredibly fast connected experience. Huawei has an integrated set of capabilities across chips, devices, cloud services, and networks. Building on these strengths, as the leader of the 5G era, we will bring an inspired, intelligent experience to global consumers in every aspect of their lives.”

The 5G CPE Pro supports 4G and 5G wireless connections and is capable of delivering a 1 GB video file in three seconds or streaming 8K video without lag while on 5G. Using Wi-Fi 6, the device can deliver speeds up to 4.8 Gbps, allowing you to get your online content quickly.

Huawei noted that these products are the result of research and development that has gone into 5G since as far back as 2009. It currently has 5,700 engineers working on 5G R&D across 11 innovation centres for 5G solutions around the world.

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