Huawei announces HiQ quantum computing simulator

The Chinese tech firm, Huawei, has announced a new cloud service platform for simulating a quantum computer called HiQ. The service, aside from including a quantum computing simulator, also includes a quantum programming framework in order to develop software for the simulator. The HiQ platform will be open to the public in order to enable quantum research and education in the field.

Outlining the capabilities of the platform, Huawei said that it can simulate circuits with 42-qubits for full-amplitude simulations, and 81-qubits for single amplitudes, with low-depth single-amplitude circuits being able to reach 169-qubits.

Discussing HiQ, Huawei’s Chief Quantum Computing Software and Algorithm Scientist, Dr. Man-Hong Yung, said:

“Quantum computation is a revolutionary technology that is different from classical computing. It is also a future-oriented core technology for cloud computing. Quantum algorithms provide a new perspective to AI algorithms, inspiring better classical AI algorithms and offering more powerful computing capability. Huawei has taken a critical step towards the research and innovation of quantum computing by releasing the HiQ cloud service platform, and will continue to invest in quantum computing in the future. Huawei’s HiQ will be fully open to the public, inviting developers, researchers, teachers, and students, to jointly innovate and promote technological research and industrialization of quantum computing.”

With HiQ, Huawei will be taking its initial foray into research and innovation within the realm of quantum computing. It described HiQ as a win-win cooperation between academia and industry as the prior would see technological breakthroughs, and the latter would further develop their “research and industrialisation” in quantum computing.

It'll definitely be interesting to see how academics utilise HiQ and other tools like it in the future as the world moves more towards quantum computing.

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