In Iceland you can order sushi online and it will be delivered by drone in 4 minutes

Aha has paired up with another company Flytrex, to enhance its delivery system with drones across a stretch of the city in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik.

Aha deals with all sorts of products that are usually ordered online, but currently, on its website, the drone deliveries are focusing on offering people types of sushi that can be delivered by the drone. Customers can make their order online, and request a drone delivery. Once they make their order, they will be told approximately when their order will be ready, and once the drone is on the way, the customer is told by SMS that their order will be arriving soon.

The main reason for the application of this delivery technique is due to the geographical constraints that the city's rivers and bays make on the road systems. According to Flytrex, a road delivery to the same location as the drone can take up to 25 minutes, whereas with the drone this will only take 4 minutes.

This delivery method is still only being applied to a very small and specific place, as the customers still need to go and collect their product from the landing site, but it is still reducing the delivery time overall. The drone is a modified DJI Matrice 600 and can only carry small packages weighing up to 3 kilograms at the moment on the current route of 2 miles. The company says in the future it will expand the service to deliver to peoples homes directly, once it has assessed the current route.

Ever since Amazon first started experimenting with drone delivery, others have been coming up with their versions everywhere; only this week did Walmart hint at its plans to develop drone delivery warehouse blimps.

Sources: Aha, The Verge, Flytrex |Image via DJI

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