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In light of recent controversy, Apple is changing the way it handles Siri recordings

In the past few weeks, companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple, have admitted that human employees can listen to users' voice recordings as part of their review processes. This understandably raised concerns that those companies can be listening in to conversations, even when devices haven't been prompted to listen for user commands.

To address those concerns, Apple has announced that it will be making some changes to its review process for Siri audio recordings. The company is taking three significant steps to that endeavor.

First, it will no longer keep audio recordings of Siri interactions by default, relying solely on computer-generated transcripts to help improve the assistant. Users will be able to opt in to let Apple use audio samples to improve Siri should they want to, and they'll also be able to opt back out at any time. Finally, Apple says only its own employees will be able to listen to audio recordings of users that opt to let the company keep them. The firm will also work to delete any recordings that are determined to be accidental triggers of Siri.

Apple says it's committed to protecting the privacy of its users, but that it hopes users will choose to help the company improve Siri. Those interested in knowing more about how the review process works can head here for more information.

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