Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb demo

In this demo of Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, players assume the role of the world's most famous archaeologist as he explores three of the many locations in the game. The first level is set in Ceylon and teaches the player the controls and conventions of the game as Indy explores the jungle environment and fights with ivory hunters. The second level is set in a Hong Kong operahouse where Indy has to rescue his beautiful partner, Mei Ying. Here, Indy will be hard pressed indeed as he fights the deadly Triad fighters of the Chinese underground. The third and final level finds Indy on top of a gondola as it makes its way to a hidden fortress. Unfortunately for Indy, Nazi fighter planes are intent on strafing him and Indy must man a machinegun in self-defense. These are only three of the over sixty levels of Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb.

News source: 3D Gamers

Download: Emperor's Tomb demo (224Mb)

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