Postal 2 demo

Whiptail Interactive sends 3D Gamers the playable demo for Postal 2, offering the opportunity to try out the imminent first-person shooter by Running With Scissors. Word is the demo "gives you a taste of Paradise.... Paradise, Arizona, where the Postal Dude lives," and apparently it contains one level (errand) from the full game.


  • POSTAL 2 is about humor with absurd, over-the-top, violent content

  • Gary Coleman: Special Guest Star (not in demo)

  • Liquid Dynamics: Pours, drips, runs and puddles

  • AI: Sophisticated AI supports people and animal interactions

  • Epic's Unreal Warfare Engine

  • Karma Physics for realistic ragdoll deaths
News source: 3D Gamers

Download: Postal 2 demo (123Mb)

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