Infix PDF Editor 7.1.6

Infix PDF Editor

Infix is a revolutionary PDF editing tool. For the first time it's now possible to edit PDF text using tools familiar to anyone who uses a word processor. Easily edit the text in your PDFs, reflow and justify, change fonts, colours and sizes – in fact all the things you would expect from a WYSIWYG word processor!

Change a single word, a paragraph, or an entire page. Infix covers your back, reflowing and reformatting text to keep it looking good. Once you’ve saved a file, you can’t even tell it’s been edited. Infix works like a normal word processor, so it’s really easy to use. It’s easy and quick – change text, fonts, images and more. No interface gimmicks, no ribbons!


  • z2703 - Infix - wrong help topic for Delete Across Pages.
  • z2702 - can't have superscript and subscript in the same word.
  • z2679 - crash when rendering
  • z2647 - Auto correct facility added to font remapping
  • z1744 - Improved save to clean-up possible problems with empty annotations. Could cause Acrobat to give an error when trying to print a PDF.
  • z2503 - Unable to open unencrypted PDF which included an encrypted attachment.
  • z2664 - PDF Crashes Infix.
  • z2539 - Update checker should use default browser
  • z2655 - license checking bug could cause crash when activating
  • z2591 - Crash when trying to open PDF file with unusual font encoding for space character
  • z2653 - Freeze when opening PDF with bogus dash pattern array values
  • z2652 - Characters could overlap in certain cases due to incorrect handling of widths
  • z2654 - PDFs with unembedded ArialMT font could lead to incorrect characters being displayed
  • z2643 - Infix looks wrong on 4K screens.
  • z2618 - Wrong characters displayed for an unembedded font with a bad Unicode map
  • z2618 - Images could appear distorted if they used a indirect DecodeParams reference
  • z2621 - Corrupt PDF could cause a freeze on loading
  • z2596 - Possible crash when exporting certain image types as PNG
  • z2630 - PDF could become blank after editing and saving
  • z2699 - Extracting images caused some image to turn grey

Download: Infix PDF Editor 7.1.6 | 66.8 MB (Shareware)
View: Infix PDF Editor Home Page

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