Intel and Adobe to bring Flash to TVs

Intel and Adobe have announced that they will be working together to allow digital TVs, Blu-ray disc players and set-top boxes to browse Flash based content on devices which use the Intel Media Processor CE 3100. The idea of browsing the Internet through the TV hasn't been widely adopted yet, but this is certainly a step in the right direction if Internet browsing capabilities are to be brought to these media devices.

The first CE 3100 processor is expected in mid-2009 at latest, and will feature an optimized version of Adobe Flash Lite. "Our effort with Adobe is poised to accelerate a rich, yet relevant Internet experience on the TV that will provide consumers with access to a growing number of Flash based applications that will ultimately be enjoyed across a number of screens seamlessly, from the laptop to a MID and now the TV," said William O. Leszinske Jr., general manager of Intel's Digital Home Group, in a press release.

Adobe and Intel also reported that they are working on an optimized version of Adobe AIR for Intel's new digital platform, which could result in support for applications such as BBC iPlayer, for which a version using Adobe AIR has been released. Although it's got some issues to overcome (namely input, which is currently limited to a remote control), Intel's new platform could be the start of a huge advancement in the capabilities of TV and media players.

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