Intel To Launch Wi-Fi Computer-TV

Intel has plans for a product that futurists have long predicted: the combination personal computer-television. Called the "Entertainment PC" (EPC), the device will connect with the TV and be controlled by a remote. It will surf the Web using a Wi-Fi connection and cruise TV channels, recording movies and shows onto its hard drive and downloading programs and music not broadcast on TV.

In short, the small amount of exercise that modern humans currently get -- walking from the den to the living room -- now can be eliminated altogether. Intel plans to make the EPC available in the second half of this year, with no-frills units retailing for under US$1,000. "Intel is seeing that their area of strength, the PC, is increasingly becoming entertainment-centric," Yankee Group analyst Adi Kishore told NewsFactor. "They're saying, 'Why should we limit ourselves to the PC?'"

News source: NewsFactor

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