Internal Microsoft poster identifies the driving force behind Windows Threshold

When building software, hardware or anything, there needs to be an underlying theme to keep the features focused on accomplishing the purpose of the project. For Microsoft, they want Windows Threshold to be deeply personal and allow you to do great things.

You can see the poster at the top of this post, which is said to be from inside the walls of Microsoft where the engineering team is building the next installment of Windows. 

The poster (and the underlying themes) very much have a Nadella style to them by focusing on the personal level of computing and allowing customers to do great things. If you have ever heard Satya speak, it's nearly impossible to read this poster in anything other than his voice.

Building an OS that will be used by billions of people around the world during its lifecycle is never an easy task but as Microsoft says, "the world needs Windows" because without it, there would be a gap in the market that is not easily filled.

While the poster may not reveal anything about Windows Threshold, you can check out our scoops of features here, here, here and here but the poster does offers a small view inside the world of building Windows.

Source: Re/code

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