iPhone 6 mockup paints best picture yet of next iPhone

There has been quite a bit of info posted around the Internet about Apple’s next iteration of its highly successful line of iPhones. From larger phones to new features, the rumor mill is running strong ahead of the next announcement.

This time around, a highly detailed mockup has been created that incorporates all of rumored features including the larger screen size and moving the power button from the top of the device to the side.

These mockups are of a 4.7-inch iPhone that feature a rounded look to it, much like the current iPod Touch. One oddity about the recent rumors is that the iPhone will feature a very small camera bump on the back of the device like the iPod Touch, which seems to go against their "clean line" approach for aesthetics.

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There is also rumored to be a 5.5-inch iPhone in the works as well, which would give Apple several sizes of devices to help swoon customers over from Android (and Windows Phone) to iOS, if true.

If the two sizes do hold true, we would expect Apple offers a smaller iPhone as well (iPhone 5S) along side the devices at a lower price point as they have traditionally done in the past as not everyone wants a larger phone.

Source: NoWhereElse via 9to5mac

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