Japanese Citizens get Cell Tower Removed for Health Reasons

NTT DoCoMo Kansa, Inc will be removing a tower that it installed in a local bus station December 2005. About 40 residents of Kawanishi, Hyogo formed a group to eliminate pollution triggered by electromagnetic waves. They claimed that after the tower was installed many people had problems with headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure and also ear ringing.

They filed a request for arbitration with the Osaka Summary Court and on Monday reached a settlement with NTT DoCoMo. NTT DoCoMo claims that these symptoms were not a cause of their tower and is pulling out because the bus station has decided not to renew their lease for the tower.

What do you think about the radiation omitting from Cell towers? Do you think they will find links between the radiation from the towers and illnesses with the general population?

News Source: Textually.org

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