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New study “proves” you can get adequate exercise from your man cave with VR

A woman exercising in VR

Do you dislike fresh air and the outdoors but worry about not getting enough exercise? Well fear not, a new study, highlighted by Meta which makes the Meta Quest virtual reality (VR) headset, claims that you can meet physical activity guidelines set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) from the comfort of your home with a VR headset.

Meta called the study a “first-of-its-kind” and it found that workouts with Meta’s Supernatural fitness platform can produce the same effects as exercising classically with activities such as running, boxing, and swimming. According to Meta, this study helps dispel the skepticism that VR workouts have been met with.

The study, led by Dr. Ryan Rhodes at the University of Victoria, Canada, examined the Flow and Boxing modes on Supernatural, both of which are described as medium-intensity. The study found that both modes were classified as vigorous physical activity and were conducive to promoting mental and physical health benefits.

According to the paper, there is evidence already that suggests people who engage in 75-150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per week have a lower risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart disease, and ischemic stroke. So by playing on supernatural for 75 minutes or more per week, you could cut your chances of getting those diseases.

Commenting on the findings, Leanne Pedante, Supernatural’s Head of Fitness, said:

“There is a common misconception that workouts have to be a no-pain, no-gain situation. This study proves that you can experience the joy and fun that many report feeling in their Supernatural fitness routine, without compromising in terms of energy expended.”

While the air you’ll be exposed to at home while playing Supernatural won’t be the freshest with all that heavy breathing, it could potentially be better than the air outside if you live somewhere with a lot of pollution that makes outdoor exercise more dangerous.

Ultimately, everyone has different circumstances and for some using Supernatural will make sense. It could be cheaper than the gym if you’re going to hold on to your headset for several years.

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