John McAfee video press conference and alibi posted to YouTube [Update: He's now arrested]

A three minute video has been posted on Youtube highlighting the lead up to a press conference, and revealing of an alibi for his whereabouts on the eve of the murder he is being sought after for questioning.

The anti-virus mogul and "person of interest" in a Belizean murder case John McAfee has retained the services of high-power attorney Telésforo Guerra after fleeing to Guatemala. McAfee and his lawyer held a press meeting during which he announced that he had documentation proving "the intense corruption at all levels of the Belizean government." On the ride over to the press meeting, McAfee stated on the record that Sam Vanegas, his girlfriend, was with him in her bedroom on John's property on the night of the murder of his neighbor and fellow US citizen Greg Faull. He also said that several other witnesses could corroborate his whereabouts that evening.

The police insist that they merely want to question McAfee in their investigation of the murder of American businessman Gregory Faull, which happened on November 11th. McAfee has stated that the Belize police are actually trying to arrest him in their case, while also professing his innocence.

It certainly is a strange one this! You can follow the whole strange developments by clicking here, or by visiting his blog.

Source: YouTube

Update: John McAfee arrested in Guatemala City

It appears that McAfee has been arrested in Guatemala City. According to The New York Times, the interior minister, Mauricio Lopez Bonilla, told The Associated Press that Mr. McAfee, 67, had been arrested on charges of entering Guatemala illegally. He said that Mr. McAfee had been arrested at a hotel in the capital and taken to a detention center for migrants who are in the nation illegally.

McAfee slipped over the Belizean border earlier this week, and later gave a press interview proclaiming his innocence and accusing the Belizean government of "intense corruption at all levels" before being detained by authorities.

He is still able to update his blog from jail and has also pointed out that the US Embassy can't do anything to help him.

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