Judge Orders Microsoft to Carry Sun's Java

A U.S. District Judge. J. Frederick Motz, has ordered microsoft to reintegrate sun's Java programming language back into the windows operating system. The ruling in sun's private anti-trust case is seen as a decisive victory against the software giant.

In his ruling the judge found that Microsoft had acted uncompetitively when it removed the java programming language from its Windows XP operating system.

"In the final analysis, the public interest in this case rests in assuring that free enterprise be genuinely free, untainted by the effects of antitrust violations."

The java programming language has always been a bit of a thorn for microsoft as it is the ultimate portable language that can run on any platform regardless of the native architecture or its relative operating system. This contradicts microsofts direct drive to ensure that Windows remains the primary focus for consumers.

The lawsuit is one of four lawsuits being pursued against microsoft in aftermath of the now almost epic MS Vs DOJ case.

News source: Fox News

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