KPNQwest clings to slight hope

The bankrupt Internet data carrier KPNQwest was scheduled to begin shutting down operations on Friday, but its Web site says "good progress" is being made in negotiations to keep the company alive.

"We are leaving without shutting down the system because there is a slight chance a solution could be found by Monday to allow the 53 people still employed to reboot operations," a company manager told ANP news agency.

Administrators had tried to get staff to keep working for a few more days while they negotiated with the Dutch telecommunications operator KPN, a part owner of the data carrier said to be interested in picking up parts of its network in the Benelux countries, Britain and Germany.

But KPNQwest workers said any chances of continuing operations depended on too many legal details.

News source: The Nando Times - KPNQwest clings to slight hope

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