Latest Telegram update brings Protected Content to Groups and Channels

A Telegram cartoon showing off protected messages

Telegram has announced the next version of its popular messenger and as always it comes rammed with a bunch of new features including Protected Content in Groups and Channels, the ability to delete messages by date, manage connected devices, make anonymous posts in public groups, login via a phone call, responses to join requests, global chat themes on Android, text recognition on iOS 13+, the ability to format text in media captions on iOS, and a redesigned contact info page on iOS.

Perhaps the biggest change in this update is the ability for group and channel creators to protect the content they publish from being reshared to other users or being saved. To protect content in your group or channel, head to the group or channel info page, then go to Group / Channel Type, and then head to Restrict Saving Content.

A GIF showing protected messages in Telegram

Next up, we have the ability to delete messages by date, this gives users more control over their digital footprint. To delete messages by date, tap the date bar that appears as you scroll through the chat then choose which date range you want to clear. It’s important to understand that this feature only works in one-on-one chats but any chat can be set to auto-delete messages on day, week, or month after sending.

The new message delete feature on Telegram

In this update, Telegram gives you better control regarding device management. You can now quickly link a desktop device by scanning a QR code and you have the option to automatically log out of inactive devices after a set period of time which is customisable. Additionally, you can tap devices in the list and choose whether they can accept secret chats or incoming calls.

The last major addition in this update is the ability to post anonymously in public groups and channels. While Telegram uses the word ‘anonymous’ actually it has given you the option to post as a channel you run. So yes, it’s anonymous in that people can’t see your personal identity but you will still need a channel to post on your behalf. To switch to posting as a channel, just tap your profile picture next to the chat box and select the channel you want to post as – you can find this option in group and channel comments sections.

If you run Telegram on an Android or iOS device, head to your relevant app store and check for any available updates. After you’ve applied them these features should be available.

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