Leaked slide shows off notification center in Windows Phone 8.1

A leaked slide from a confidential Microsoft presentation has shown off the long-awaited notification center feature to organize alerts, reportedly planned for release with the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update in April.

Windows Phone has been heavily criticized over time for not implementing a centralized notification center for quite some time, and it's also been the most requested feature at Microsoft's User Voice forum. The leaked slide, which Winphollowers says is from an internal email sent to Microsoft employees, has finally revealed the company's take on the concept and is allegedly expected in the Windows Phone 8.1 update which will be announced some time during the BUILD conference in April.

As seen in the picture, some elements of the notification center are similar to what Android and more recently, iOS have implemented. It contains customizable toggles for various connectivity options such as WiFi, Bluetooth as well as shortcuts to the settings menu and the Driving mode feature which was launched with Windows Phone Update 3. Users will be able to clear notifications with a single touch or individually. Unlike Android and iOS though, when a notification appears during an in-app session, the user will be able to see just a minimized view similar to a toast notification by sliding down from the top. The apps will be able to use a new Action Center API to manage the type of notifications sent to the user without interference according to the report from Winphollowers. 

There is plenty of time for the BUILD conference, but we can expect to have more leaks about the features of Windows Phone 8.1 in the coming months.

Source: Winphollowers via WMPoweruser | Image via Winphollowers

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