Lenovo Reach revealed; will remember all of your passwords

Lenovo maybe one of the few PC companies that is actually growing its business, but Lenovo also wants to enter other markets such as smartphones and tablets. This weekend, the company quietly revealed yet another project they have in the works: Lenovo Reach.

The company posted a video on their YouTube site late Sunday that gives a quick overview of Lenovo Reach. Basically, it's a cloud service that does more that allow its users to store data on a server, although it does that as well with 5 GB of free space. It also offers a way to store all of the passwords that a user has to keep up with. The end result is that a person only needs to remember one login and password to access all of their websites and services.

Lenovo Reach also apparently offers one consistent user interface across all devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones) to quickly access their sites along with a way to quickly find any files on any of their online storage services. Lenovo Reach is currently in its preview phase but users can sign up on its website to be considered for entry in the beta program; the final version of Lenovo Reach should go live later this year.

Source: Lenovo

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