LG builds "smart washer"

Every now and then, I come across some news that is just plain odd. This would have to be one of those stories.

If the military can build a missile that can fly through your window and build satellites that can read your license plate... why can't you get a washing machine that helps tell you how best to wash those silk PJs? Well, now you can.

A new washing machine developed by the Dai Nippon Printing Company can read special smart tags on clothing and instruct the user the best method with which to wash the clothes. Not only that, but the LG-built unit can keep track of how many times a particular item has been washed, what material it is made out of, and can even send an email or SMS when your load of laundry is complete.

Just what will they think of next?

(My guess is probably a smart dryer.)

News source: Gizmodo

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