LG's latest TV range hit by UK Trading Standards

Life isn’t good for LG at the moment after being criticised by UK Trading Standards and Citizens Advice on how they are both advertising and selling their LM range of televisions.

The news comes from AVForums user “StickyWinkey” who has been a thorn in LG’s side ever since he purchased an LG LM960 TV earlier this year when the set was first released as the company’s flagship model.

After buying the TV the user noticed that the set was having problems with dark scenes in films when running 1080/24p content. Films such as Harry Potter, The Dark Knight and TV’s The Walking Dead all showed high levels of trailing following on from brighter movement.

The set also has another 24p issue, which sees it skipping frames and has been seen since the TV launched and none of the many firmware releases have fixed the problem.

Due to nearly all Blu-Ray content being produced in 24p, anyone buying an LG flagship TV is likely to playback Blu-Ray’s on a player released in the last few years, which will automatically check for 24p compatibility. Because of this, the issue has shown up for a large selection of owners.

This isn’t the only issue that LG has had to deal with though, there are a host of bugs that come with the sets from PC Modes not allowing Just Scan, Pixel counts cutting off vertical rows, banding issues and more.

Motion is also a huge problem across the range of LG’s LM sets mostly due to poor implementation of the company’s “Trumotion” setting, this is supposed to reduce judder and blurring, but causes artifacts on movement when used. Trumotion can be disabled, but doing some causes far more judder in motion such as soccer or fast panning in films than it does on most LED TV’s.

Despite a denial from LG that 24p content was having any problems, a week or so ago an LG representative posted on the forum that the company had come across a 24p bug that would be fixed in upcoming firmware, but today’s news seems to put a dampener on that claim.

The e-mail from trading standards has stated that LG are "unable to support 24p material in its current state due to a hardware/software flaw." And those customers who purchased the product when 24p was an advertised specification are allowed a full refund.

What Trading Standards also said to LG is even more significant, they have been advised to ensure that their “future advertising was accurate for that TV/range” and this not only implies that a fix for 24p issues is unlikely, it has also forced LG to remove any mention of 24p support from their website for the LM range of TV’s.

It will come as a disappointment to many TV fans as LG have been at the forefront of great Passive 3D performance, but the amount of issues showing up with their latest sets in anything other than 3D is likely to be a setback to the company, especially once word gets around the net about the many issues plaguing the whole range of the company’s latest sets.

LG couldn't be reached for comment.

Source: AVForums

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