Lithium acquires Klout for $200 million

Today, Lithium, a company that is a "recognized leader in engaging on social networks and building online customer communities for the world’s best brands" has acquired the social media company, Klout. Klout utilizes tools that measure your engagement with your audience via various social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. It then provides a score from 1 - 100 based on your level of community integration, interaction, and social reach.

According to Lithium the benefits of acquiring Klout are:

For brands:

  • Build a more complete profile of their customers and their needs.
  • Establish clear feedback on how consumers value brands, products and services.
  • Engage consumers more effectively and enlist their participation in growing the brand and the business.
  • Leverage experts for opinions and trusted content.

For consumers:

  • Discover which people and brands to trust.
  • Enjoy a better, differentiated experience from brands they value.
  • Receive rewards and recognition from brands for their loyalty and engagement.

Klout CEO Joe Fernandez, will join Lithium’s executive team, reporting directly to Rob Tarkoff, Lithium President and CEO. Fernandez will continue to run the Klout operation as its General Manager and as Senior Vice President at Lithium. According to Fortune the deal is valued at nearly $200 million.

Source: The Verge via LithiumImage via Lithium

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