Live blog: Microsoft-Nokia press event

We are in New York City to attend the big Microsoft-Nokia press event, where the two companies will officially unveil their first Windows Phone 8 products. Hopefully there will be some surprises in store considering that much of what will be announced today has supposedly already leaked on the Internet.

After the event, we expect to get some hands-on time with the new Windows Phone 8 smartphones from Nokia, along with a quick Q&A with a Nokia rep, where we will pick some questions from Neowin readers. Stay tuned as the press event is scheduled to start at 10 am Eastern time.

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, is going over the history of Nokia's Windows Phone business; including the launch of the Nokia 800, 900 and more.

He also talks about Nokia's Windows Phone apps, including their location software services. He is also talking about Nokia has streamlined management.

Jo Harlow from Nokia is on reveal "the next step"

Neowin Live - This event has concluded

09:59 Tim Schiesser Welcome to this live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
10:01 Tim Schiesser John is at the event currently, but he's having a few technical issues so we hope he can come on board soon
10:05 Tim Schiesser In case you're wondering how the event is going, Nokia are currently doing the usual mentioning of their stats and achievements so far
10:06 Tim Schiesser No new Lumias have been announced just yet
10:07 Tim Schiesser Now they're talking about the Asha line-up
10:08 Tim Schiesser Nokia Location platform will be part of Windows 8
10:09 Tim Schiesser Also, Stephen Elop is on stage in case you want to know who's speaking
10:10 Tim Schiesser Looks like an announcement is coming up, as Jo Harlow heads on stage as head of Lumia
10:11 Tim Schiesser They're showing all the parts of a Lumia in a cool video
10:11 John Callaham whoops..the sound cut off ;)
10:11 John Callaham The Nokia Lumia 920
10:11 John Callaham With PureView
10:12 John Callaham Also showing off Nokia CityLens
10:12 John Callaham Built in wireless charging
10:12 John Callaham "It
10:13 John Callaham 1.4 billion images are taken every day with smartphones,
10:14 John Callaham However, we can't control the lighting
10:14 John Callaham and we don't have time to mess with settings
10:15 John Callaham The shutter has to stap open longer with a smartphone
10:15 John Callaham It causes blur normally
10:15 John Callaham PureView in the Nokia Lumia 920 captures many times more light than normal smartphones
10:16 John Callaham More light means better images, without flash, even at night and indoors
10:16 John Callaham HD video will also shake less with the Lumia 920
10:16 Tim Schiesser "Floating Lens technology"
10:17 John Callaham Now talking about Nokia's Windows Phone apps
10:17 John Callaham The company's location based services will be big with Lumia 920
10:17 Tim Schiesser Looks like PureView in the Lumia 920 is referring to the Floating Lens tech rather than huge megapixels like the 808 PureView
10:18 John Callaham Including offline maps; no caching
10:18 John Callaham Free voice guided turn based navigation
10:19 John Callaham Nokia Drive will tell people when they need to leave from their location to their destination
10:19 John Callaham Indoor maps will also be a part of Windows Phone 8
10:19 John Callaham Now talking about City Lens
10:19 John Callaham Pointing a Lumia smartphones at real locations will reveal info about those locations
10:20 John Callaham Tap for reviews and more info
10:20 John Callaham More "human" way to find new places
10:20 John Callaham Nokia Maps will also get augmented vision
10:21 John Callaham See both the direction of your route and new locations
10:21 John Callaham PureMotion HD +
10:21 John Callaham Better than HD resolution on a screen
10:22 John Callaham 4.5 inch display show images that are "amazing"
10:22 John Callaham What if you are in London using City Lens?
10:23 John Callaham Clear black display makes reading displays easier
10:23 John Callaham PureMotion HD+ reacts to sunlight and adjusts the display
10:23 John Callaham Even in the desert and on the beach
10:24 John Callaham 2000 mAh battery inside
10:24 John Callaham Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor inside
10:24 John Callaham up to 30 percent better in battery effencicy than quad core smartphone
10:25 John Callaham Now talking about wireless charging
10:25 Tim Schiesser Snapdragon S4's are very battery friendly as well, good combo with the large battery
10:25 John Callaham Fatboy is working with Nokia on this feature
10:25 John Callaham Qi is a propsed wireless charing standard
10:26 John Callaham deals with Virgin Atlantic and Coffee Bean
10:26 Tim Schiesser "Qi" is pronounced like "chee" apparently
10:26 John Callaham Virgin Atlantic will have Nokia wireless charging in London airport lounge
10:26 John Callaham Virgin Atlantic will have Nokia wireless charging in London airport lounge
10:27 John Callaham Coffee Bean stores will also have those wireless charging stations
10:27 John Callaham Now doing an overview of what has been announced
10:27 John Callaham Now talking about Windows Phone 8 itself
10:28 John Callaham Joe Belfiore of Microsoft is on stage
10:28 John Callaham Doing a demo of Windows Phone 8 on the Lumia 920
10:28 John Callaham He will
10:28 John Callaham He will "sneak in" some new features
10:29 John Callaham Others will be saved for a later date
10:29 John Callaham He will start with the evolution of the Start experiece
10:30 John Callaham Joe goes into the People hub
10:30 John Callaham To see what his wife is up to
10:30 John Callaham New small sized live tiles in Windows Phone 8
10:30 John Callaham He loves to play games
10:31 John Callaham But he shrinks down the tiles on the screen
10:31 John Callaham Pins Steve Ballmer
10:31 John Callaham Oh uo..Joe has missed some calls from Steve :)
10:32 John Callaham Talking about social networking features
10:32 John Callaham Now focusing on Windows Phone 8 app
10:32 John Callaham "Well over 100,000 apps"
10:33 John Callaham Grabs some Windows Phone 7 apps like Flixster and Weather Channel
10:33 John Callaham Still work and scale up for Windows Phone 8
10:33 John Callaham Grabs CNN tile
10:34 John Callaham The CNN Windows Phone 8 app will support extra large live tiles
10:34 John Callaham Bringing the "web" into the Start experience
10:35 John Callaham You can go into the settings and change buttons
10:35 John Callaham You can change refresh to tabs button
10:35 John Callaham Pulse HTML5 website is being shown
10:36 John Callaham Does rescaling of the site depending on the display screen size
10:36 John Callaham Pin the Pulse HTML5 site as part of Start experience
10:37 John Callaham Now feature in Windows Phone 8
10:37 John Callaham Saving to screenshots
10:37 John Callaham You can go into Photos hub and album view
10:38 Tim Schiesser Power + Home = Screenshot
10:38 John Callaham Which has a screenshot list
10:38 John Callaham And you can share screenshots with friends
10:38 John Callaham First ever Windows Phone 8 screenshot is posted to Joe's Twitter page
10:38 John Callaham and saved to SkyDrive
10:39 John Callaham Another example of a Start screen
10:39 John Callaham One on sports
10:39 John Callaham One for entertainment
10:40 John Callaham Showing off camera features
10:40 John Callaham Supports pinch and zome in camera
10:40 John Callaham Showing the Lenses button
10:41 John Callaham Lens applications in Windows Phone 8
10:41 John Callaham Some Lens will be third parties..such as the CNN Lens
10:41 John Callaham Choosing a Lens called FX Suite
10:42 John Callaham Written by two summer interns at Microsoft
10:42 John Callaham Showing four different camera effects at once
10:42 John Callaham Pan back in time in the camera roll
10:43 John Callaham Looking back at other FX Suite photos
10:43 John Callaham Photo Synth Lens..makes a panoramic picture
10:44 John Callaham Photosynth viewer can zoom in on images
10:44 John Callaham Lets third parties add value to photos
10:44 John Callaham Now using a Windows 8 laptop
10:45 John Callaham to show off SkyDrive support
10:45 John Callaham to show off SkyDrive support
10:45 John Callaham Pictures are uploaded to SkyDrive
10:45 John Callaham One more Lens example
10:46 John Callaham Blink Lens app
10:46 John Callaham from Microsoft Research
10:46 John Callaham Going to take a lot of frames at Joe's face
10:46 John Callaham Chooses the one that is the best
10:46 John Callaham and can be saved
10:47 John Callaham Blink is storing all of the data associated with the picture
10:47 John Callaham you can modify the picture that it generated
10:47 John Callaham We will see some Lumia Lens apps soon
10:48 John Callaham Most personal phone experience in Windows Phone 8
10:48 John Callaham Kevin Shields from Nokia is up next
10:49 John Callaham Nokia has put in innovation that will work better in a person's life
10:49 John Callaham "proudly stands apart from the crowd
10:49 John Callaham (a dig at Samsung )
10:50 John Callaham case has colors that won't strach off
10:50 John Callaham Yellow red and gray colors
10:50 John Callaham "a little bit of panache"
10:51 John Callaham The Lumia 920 has a higher construction standard than the 900
10:51 John Callaham No cracks..not falling apart
10:51 John Callaham Looks great and stays looking great
10:52 John Callaham Talking about the display
10:52 John Callaham This is the fastest LCD display ever on a smartphone
10:52 John Callaham Higher than 720p resolution
10:53 John Callaham Super sensative touch features
10:53 Tim Schiesser Higher than 720p = WXGA = 1280 x 768
10:53 John Callaham If you are wearing usually have to take them off to use a smartphone
10:53 John Callaham but not with the Lumia 920
10:54 John Callaham Wireless charging is next
10:55 John Callaham Kevin is a tad nervous..but its working
10:55 John Callaham JBL PowerUp
10:55 John Callaham A speaker that has wireless charging and NFC
10:56 John Callaham Showing off how the speaker works with the Lumia 920
10:57 John Callaham Talking about Nokia Music next
10:57 John Callaham Free instant streaming music
10:57 Tim Schiesser JBL speaker's NFC pairing was a bit iffy
10:57 John Callaham Should be ready to go for US "at any moment"
10:58 John Callaham Showing off the new Purity Pro speakers
10:58 John Callaham Next comes new and exclusive Windows Phone 8 apps
10:58 John Callaham Showing City Lens again
10:59 John Callaham Looks like there's an issue
10:59 John Callaham With showing the demo to the audience
10:59 John Callaham awkward
10:59 John Callaham Kevin is trying to show City Lens on the phone
11:00 John Callaham rather than on the big screen
11:00 John Callaham We assume it works well :)
11:00 John Callaham Angry Birds Roost
11:01 John Callaham (again off the phone)
11:01 John Callaham all sorts of info and media from the Angry Birds universe
11:01 John Callaham (looks like a guy is trying to get things fixed )
11:01 John Callaham Object remover is next
11:02 John Callaham Ok, the big display is working :)
11:02 John Callaham You can take a picture and removes objects from them
11:02 John Callaham Lots of claps for that feature
11:03 John Callaham Cinemagraph app
11:03 John Callaham Takes a picture capture but you can add more emotion to it
11:04 John Callaham animation of a flag is added
11:04 John Callaham and animation of a person..well, being goofy
11:04 John Callaham Versions of those apps will be available for current Lumia phones as well
11:05 John Callaham Largest apature for camera
11:05 John Callaham More light can be captured from PureView
11:05 John Callaham Object image stablisation
11:06 Tim Schiesser f/2.0 lens is apparently the largest for 16:9, but I thought the HTC One X also uses a f/2.0 lens
11:06 John Callaham They would put in springs around the entire camera assembly
11:07 John Callaham Showing a clamp holding two phones
11:07 John Callaham shooting a comparsion video
11:07 John Callaham The regular camera is shaky for video
11:07 John Callaham The Lumia 920 is more stable
11:08 John Callaham Lumia 920 images in the dark with no flash
11:08 John Callaham lots of claps again for this
11:09 Tim Schiesser Last shot taken with no flash. The difference they're showing is really astounding
11:09 John Callaham Took a picture of a Finland American Football game
11:09 John Callaham Took a picture of a Finland American Football game
11:09 John Callaham took an image ..cloudy and not well lit
11:09 John Callaham but still looks good on the Lumia 920
11:09 John Callaham no compromises with smartphone images
11:10 John Callaham Wrapping up features
11:10 John Callaham But...
11:11 John Callaham Introducing the Lumia 820
11:11 Tim Schiesser Can't wait to get a review unit of the Nokia Lumia 920 to check out the camera
11:11 John Callaham 4.3 inch display
11:11 John Callaham with many of the same features as the Lumia 920
11:11 John Callaham Exchangable shells
11:12 John Callaham standard shells
11:12 John Callaham Including a purple color
11:12 John Callaham Another set of shells adds wireless charging
11:13 John Callaham Kevin is done...
11:13 John Callaham Stephen Elop is back up
11:13 John Callaham goes over what has been shown before
11:13 John Callaham Steve Ballmer shows up
11:14 John Callaham Both steves are on stage
11:14 John Callaham Steve Ballmer says this is a very important milestone
11:15 John Callaham (Bill Gates's picture is on the screen behind the two Steves on the Lumia 920)
11:15 John Callaham Steve Ballmer will give a broader contexts to Windows products
11:15 John Callaham "This is a year for Windows"
11:17 John Callaham Seeing lots of Windows product intros
11:17 John Callaham Design similarities between Windows 8 and Windows Phone
11:18 John Callaham music, video, games are all linked
11:18 John Callaham Build applications as well
11:19 Tim Schiesser Nokia stock is down 15% following the Lumia announcements
11:19 John Callaham Largest opportunity for software developers
11:20 John Callaham Steve Ballmer has his own Lumia 920
11:20 John Callaham Will shoot his son's night games with it
11:20 John Callaham Stephen Elop seems to be wrapping things up here
11:21 John Callaham No Nokia Windows 8 tablet least not yet
11:21 John Callaham Now its time for Q&A
11:22 John Callaham With Steven and Jo Harlow
11:22 Tim Schiesser Nokia's live stream has concluded, I'm out and thanks for reading
11:22 John Callaham No announcements about prices, launch dates or wireless providers at this event ..sorry
11:23 John Callaham Will support arabic language
11:24 John Callaham How does Nokia feel about Samsung revealing its Windows phone 8 product first?
11:25 John Callaham Elop is still pleased to show the first "working" Windows Phone 8 product
11:27 John Callaham Elop is not revealing plans for Windows 8 or Windows RT tablet
11:27 John Callaham but he strongly hints that Nokia is at least thinking about it
11:28 John Callaham still a lot of excitement about the future of Lumia platform
11:30 John Callaham Nokia is not providing forward guidence at the moment
11:30 John Callaham but Elop says they feel they have a big opportunity to increase their market share in the smartphone industry
11:31 John Callaham Demos of Lumia products coming up next :)
11:31 John Callaham wow..they have buses to take some press to the samsung event later..nice
11:32 John Callaham Elop says that Lumia 920 is the world's most innovative smartphone
11:32 John Callaham that's it for the live blog..thanks for joining us :)
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