Logitech's Zone headset is designed for the open office

Today, Logitech announced its Zone series of headsets. They're designed for open office spaces, aiming to solve some of the common problems in such spaces.

In an area where there are potentially many people also talking, the obvious solution is noise cancellation. The Zone headset includes both active and passive noise cancellation, with a button on the bottom to turn it on. The passive noise cancellation comes from the way that your ear sits on the cushion.

The next problem to solve was comfort, as this is made to be a product worn throughout the workday. The ear pads are made of a soft leatherette and it has a silicone padded headband. Battery life is 15 hours, or 14 hours with active noise cancellation turned on, so you'll want to be comfortable during that time.

The Zone headset is also designed to work with both your PC and your phone. You can connect with your phone via Bluetooth, and it will connect with your PC via either Bluetooth or with a USB dongle. It's designed for seamless switching between the two with Easy-Switch technology, and there's also a companion app for your phone. You can use the app to adjust the settings on the headset, such as ANC, volume, equalizer settings, and more.

“Many professionals bring their own headphones to work, however they do not address the typical needs of an open office,” said Philippe Depallens, vice president and general manager of Logitech Audio. “Logitech Zone Wireless is designed with contemporary style, supreme comfort, and audio call clarity, as well as active noise cancellation and great sound quality for music, whenever and wherever you need it.”

Moreover, the headset even supports Qi wireless charging. The foldable design allows you to place it on any wireless charger. If you've got one of the latest flagship phones from Huawei or Samsung, you can just put the Zone headset on your phone to charge it up with the reverse wireless charging feature.

The two headsets being announced are the Zone Wireless and the Zone Wireless Plus. The only difference between the two is that the latter comes with a dongle that allows you to connect up to six Logitech peripherals. Zone Wireless is shipping this month for $199.99, while the Zone Wireless Plus will be available in June for $249.99.

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