Looking for Windows Phone 7.8? It'll be here soon, possibly

Microsoft put on a terrific show today for Windows Phone 8 but one thing left from the table was Windows Phone 7.8. According to a new rumor, it could show up in 4-6 weeks for new devices and then eventually roll-out to existing devices via an over-the-air (OTA) update.

The source of the information comes from WPdang, who has a decent track record according to Tracour, and if true, will be very similar to how Mango (WP 7.5) was rolled out. While we have little to go on, other than the information provided, it looks like WP7.8 is not that far off.


While there might be some unrest that WP7.8 will not deliver all of the WP8 features, it will bring with it the new Start Screen that is highly customizable. While we do not know if any other features will come with the update, it does like Windows Phone 7.8 will be the end of the road for Windows Phone 7 updates.

Windows Phone 7 was launched a little over two years ago and has undergone several updates since the products hit store shelves. While it failed to gain significant market share, it did start the Live-Tile revolution inside Microsoft that is unifying the company's platforms around these interactive icons. 

Source: WPdang | Via: WPcentral

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