Low-end devices still dominate Windows Phone ecosystem

The Windows Phone ecosystem has been fairly stable in the past month, although there are clear signs that new-generation devices are starting to overtake the old ones, which is good news for Microsoft.

Looking at the latest data from AdDuplex, the cross-promotion network on Windows Phone, we see that things have been fairly consistent in the market. The lower end continues to dominate with affordable devices accounting for a huge chunk of the pie. No wonder Microsoft is focusing on this segment and releasing new low-end devices.

When it comes to OEMs, unfortunately, Microsoft is still the dominant fish in this small pond and that speaks to the lack of vitality in the Windows Phone market. The giant company accounts for just shy of 97% of the market while HTC comes in second at 2%.

However there does seem to be some good news as newer devices are replacing older ones. For example, most Windows Phone 7 devices are no longer active, while newer devices like the Lumia 535, 630 and 830 are slowly taking their place.

Finally, Windows 10 for phones is still showing up in the data, but surprisingly the OS has lost market share. An educated guess might be that people have tried out the new operating system and then reverted back to the stable Windows Phone version. Or it might simply be an artifact of the sample size when the data was collected.

We’ll likely know more once a new build of Windows 10 for phones get released.

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